Make your visions of custom stonework a reality

StoneMakers® Custom Stone Work

Retaining walls, decorative walls, feature rocks, waterfalls, trees, stairs, and even grottos

It’s time to reinvent the wheel.  A revolutionary, time-tested product that has changed the manner in which we shape, mould and form concrete.  No longer are you left with a bland, smooth-faced front.  Constructing authentic looking, long-lasting rock surfaces that beautify your oasis has never been more accessible.  Anything you can imagine, we can create.  Custom retaining walls, decorative walls, large rocks, waterfalls, grottos, stairs, and even trees all uniformly combined into a striking outdoor experience.  

These projects reduce the need for expensive shipping and labour costs, and are poured in one monolithic form to prevent cracking and heaving — in short, a cost-effective, reliable and and durable option for your outdoor living.

We are the only authorized StoneMakers dealer in the Thornbury/Collingwood/Blue Mountains area. Contact us for more information on how we can transform your backyard into a beautiful stone masterpiece. 

More About StoneMakers

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that holds back soil or rock from a building, structure or area. Retaining walls prevent downslope movement or erosion and provide support for vertical or near-vertical grade changes.

Waterfalls & Features

Ledgefalls waterfalls are a more advanced and creative service offered by StoneMakers. These can be designed and customized to fit any project. StoneMakers has even created a light weight GFRC mixture that allows waterfalls to be added to pools without straining the foundation. In most cases, the project is completed and running on the same day.

ClifRock Panels

The ClifRock System creates the ideal combination of customizability and affordability. Whether a water feature, outdoor kitchen, counter top, or any other outdoor living feature, the ideal look can be accomplished at a lower cost.