From welding to garden trellises, the possibilities are limitless

CAD Design

Absolute plans that lead to accurate finished products


Good ideas are formed in the mind. Great ideas are put on paper. A proper plan allows us to envision the end product, helps us to identify potential problems before we begin to source materials. With assistance from the latest technology, we use point load stress analysis to find wear points and to satisfy engineered drawings. You can be assured that our projects will stand the test of time.

M+M Custom Inc - Collingwood CAD Designer

Laser Cutting & Bending

Exact cuts make for precision fittings

Our detailed technique of cutting allows us to be so precise in our measurements that it leaves no room for error.  Adequate planning, first class fibre optic lasers and Tru Bend Machines ensure that your project will fabricate exactly to the original plans.  No hidden mistakes, just beautiful quality craftsmanship.

M+M Custom Inc - Collingwood Laser Cutting
M+M Custom Inc - Collingwood CNC, Custom Fitment & Assembly

Precision Fitment & Assembly

Precision cuts make for precision fittings

We don’t guess at how a project should fit together, we plan how it fits together.  We build your ideas with our state of the art technology and rigorous attention to detail. As a result, the project progresses smoothly, on-time, and within the budget.  No guess work required.

M+M Custom Inc - Collingwood High Durability Powder Coating

High Durability Coatings

Insuring your custom project lasts for generations

We take your custom project seriously, which is why we have several high performance coatings for every material we build with.  Durable primers and paints, powder coating or rubberized coatings are all readily available for your custom creation or restoration.  You’ve imagined it and seen it through, now let’s protect your investment.