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Smart Home
A Self-Thinking Home

Whether it’s your primary residence or your vacation home, having your home think for itself saves you time, money and resources. Over time, these savings make a self-thinking home a worthwhile investment.

Our non-intrusive product line can be used in full home automation or individually for thermostats and alarms.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your home is taken care of no matter how long its residents are elsewhere.


We are certified Nest Professionals as part of the Nest Pro program. We service all Nest products, including thermostats, fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and indoor and outdoor cameras.


Security Systems

Full-home security systems and monitoring for peace of mind

Heating & Cooling

Heat or cool your home based on outdoor temperature

Video Recording

Stream a live video feed from your home straight to your phone

Windows & Blinds

Raise or lower blinds remotely or do it on a preset schedule

Sump Pumps

Keep tabs on your sump pump to make sure it’s running properly

Fire/Carbon Monoxide

Get immediate notifications on your phone if there is a problem

The best WiFi coverage

Extend signal indoors or outdoors with ease


Options of Single Band, Dual Band, and 3×3 MIMO give you the most speed possible


Our ultra-fast and long range access points usher in the next generation of speed and usability

Built-in dual-band omni-directional antennas easily extend coverage inside and out
Extend your home WiFi outside to your backyard or pool area with waterproof access points
More and more in-home devices need strong and consistent internet connections

Not only are our devices great with speed and coverage area, they also look amazing

Cell Phone Signal Boosters by SureCall®

Effortlessly boost cell signal in your home, office, or vehicle

SureCall® is one of the leading providers of cell phone signal boosting products. Whether you need better signal in your home or apartment, or for your business or warehouse, SureCall® has a product designed specifically for your current situation. Boosters work with 4G LTE and 3G on every carrier in Canada, so you can rest assured that you’ll have better signal reception no matter which carrier you use.

We are authorized SureCall® dealers in Collingwood, ON and would love to provide better cell signal in your home, office, or vehicle.

How Cell Boosters Work

Cell Boosters are a simple, two-part unit consisting of a receiver and a booster.

We install the receiver outside on the roof and point it in the direction of the closest supported cell tower. The antenna in this receiver is larger than the one in your cell phone, which allows a stronger signal to be received.

We then install a single cable from the receiver unit to the booster. The booster takes the signal that is being received on the roof and sends it into the house.

We usually see a 75-100% improvement in signal strength depending on current coverage. There are many different models that support different sizes of houses and different levels of cell coverage.